Word Up

We love word

We hate word

Still we dream word


Magical word of thought

Spiritual ideas bought

In poems for poet


Words get details

It can irritate

It can waste a taste


Words in the world

Word is up

Still on top of the word


The answer to our harmony

The light to testimony

World of trinity


I dear to eat up the word

Word’s up on top,

In our world

Word up.



This is a poem i wrote few months ago, This is a mastery of words and i hope you enjoy this poem.


We hope for joy

We merry for fun

Even when life


We still clap

We tap and laugh

When we clap

We scream,we clap

When we are in pains

We smile and clap

When we tears

When we fears

We need to smile and clap

No matter the crime,clap.