ROOTLESS BRANCHIES by Atilola David Abimboladave

       Many times men stand in the middle of the breeze, trying to quench the fire in it. We are so obsessed that we just ventured into a thing without pondering what we would make of it, instead we think of what some talented achievers have made with much hard work. This shouldn’t be what we are supposed to look out for; we are to look out for the process in which we must tread to the far horizon.

It’s so appalling when people get involved in things without having vision, goals. Most youth find themselves doing what their friend think is right. Influences of negativity shouldn’t be our weaknesses, because no man is without ability. We all have our specialty what depend is how its handled, how we try to guide and protect that thing which you only find joy in doing. No man his without what will make him/her happy, the only thing that mattered is the way you only know yourself.

First thing first, the basic of it all is the root which will give your wish the joyous beginning. DREAM IT, by having a dream which no one, but you only have, you give it a trace. “The world make space for the man who knows where he his going” says Ralph Waldo Emerson. The moment you have a dream that his specific, there would certainly be ways which it will be manifested.

John Eliot said, “You will not do incredible things without an incredible dream.” It is obvious that by having an incredible dream, you make yourself incredible when you go forward and achieve it. By having that dreams of being what you want to be, you are off that rootless branchies.

Getting a vision, forward it and make it more getting close to achieving your dreams. A vision is like a touch and map, no great man is without a vision. What’s a vision? A vision is the ability to think of the expected future that one desire, it is also a tool needed to give a dream it meaning. “A man without a vision is heading nowhere” if you have no vision, it’s so clear that you are on your way to the rootless branchies, because only your vision can make it clear. The great men of our generation have gone through a series of hard works and their vision as a touch to what is achieved.

The reality of you having a vision gives you meaning when you work towards it, without being lazy or stagnant, you would be a great achiever. When a vision is in your way, nothing should serve as a hindrance. What should be your most intent thought should be how you achieve that which only you could see.

“What makes you a man is by you standing out of the crowd.” And the next thing after is the path called “goal.” A goal is the path; it’s what will eventually land you on the right track. Vision and goal shouldn’t be doing apart because they share a common thing called AIM. Your goal is derived from your vision.

If truly you want to breakout from the rootless branchies, you need to get yourself this thing. “You can’t eat our cake and have it.” Your goals must be thoroughly invested on, your passion should be invested on it, joy should be invested on it, because where there is no joy, happiness is lacked. So that should not be an evil resources that would make you not achieve that goals.

Write it down; by putting it on paper, you will not forget, because you will probably be seeing it every now and then. Failure isn’t a luxury which we must give in for; it should not have a place in our life, in order not to shatter our vision and goals.

For you who have none of this, it is not too late. You would only reap what you have sowed, start dreaming on the thing which will make you not a waste. Stop wondering around, face it closely and get it. Stand by your dream in order not to end up being waste.” if its not now, it’s never”. Start planning now that you have the oppurtinity.dream it, turn it to a vision, write it as a goal, act it in a never ending run, because you would certainly get the best out of it.

Rootless branchies is a regrettable ways which a man should break it chain, failure & regret is what makes the rootless branchies, but it is never too late for you to begin.”No matter where you are in your life right now, no matter who you are, no matter how old you are –it is never too late to be who you are meant to be” Esther & Jerry Hicks. Stand up were you are and start in the rightful way and be what you are meant to be, stand up for what you are and not what you think.









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