Hi everyone!

During this past week, i­ got this statistic from a book I was reading, and I thought it would be good to share this little inspiring information with you, in other to buttress more on last week tablet (TIME).

According to statistic the average lifespan in American is 79.5 years of age. If you are now 20,then according to the lifespan statistics of American, you have just over 700 months to live.if you are 30,then you have approximately 480 months to live. if you are 50,then you have over 320 months, if 60 then about 240 months, if  70,then approximately 120 months, and if you are 80 or above…..then you are blessed.

Though this are numbers,but we must be cautious of the fact that one day we are going to live this plate(World). No man is going to stay here forever,no human knows how short or how long we are going to live.so why  waste away the time when we have just limited time,time flies. It will be a waste if we can’t account for something positive we contribute to this world. Life is too short for us not to live life and enjoy it,it is too short for us to waste away the diamond in it. I really don’t know the reason why I have been writing about this subject,but I stand to believe that it is because of somebody,because of you.funny enough, as i’m writing this blog post listening to the radio,the song on the mix-tape speaks about time. Take your time,don’t loose your life, don’t break it down. Enjoy life, benefit time, never ever shy away your precious moment, to screw time is not worth it. Please drop a comment I really love to see it.*cheers*


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