I have decided to use this idiom as a topic for this edition of tablet. Our moment and times are not forever, life is too old to wait for any man, and we live life for a purpose that we still exist. Wherever we are coming from shouldn’t be used as an excuse to waste times and shatter the precious moments. Many of us live in truth, but remain in lies by waiting for time, when time does not wait for you, so why then will you keep waiting for time?  It will be so painful to glare from the future and glance through the past moment with regret; it will be a bitter truth to see how you’ve wasted your times.

They said “life is a battlefield “but when in the war front who would you look out for? You guide your life, because you love you. Time is worth your love. You need to remain positive and face the reality that the moment you’re spending to read this blog post as gone forever, but it is not just gone, because you’ve used it to get more enlightened about Time.

Time might seem just as an element or figure of life, but it is more than that, it’s a precious gift which has found it way into our world for a reason. Time used wisely and preciously is like getting diamond.

Now glance at your past, is there anytime you’ve wasted? Is there anyway you might have lost vocus of time? I just want you to know that the time is still in your hand, you still have a limited time to design your times. There is still a reason for you to crave your time, you can learn to maximize time again by gaining this time left “Time and tide waits for no man” take precaution of every moment, because you’ve got a precious time.



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