Shaping Your World


We live in the world,we grow in the world,our world here on earth determines were we are going to transcend .We might choose to live right and impact what we’ve got  to offer,but still if the hoodlums in the society have not gotten any motivation or seen reasons to live right,the society where we are will still be affected by the hooligans.

It is left to the positive people to shape and mend the so called people living in negativity.Its not about who we are or our moral status,it is about your contribution to the lives of the negative people.we cant just keep criticizing this people without trying to change them.

You know them,you see them every time,they even hail you. So people try to affect their lives and help in shaping a new world of our own,help in actualizing a potential.Save a soul in your own capacity.This is what i got for you today on this edition of tablet,just make sure you help in shaping the world to it right track..David


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