BAD BAD STUFF THAT CAN HAPPEN by Atilola David Abimbola

You went to commit murder a day to the end of the world

You went to kiss a girl who has mucor in her mouth

You disgrace your girlfriend,a day he got famous

You died a day before power was stable in Nigeria

You went to the desert to deficate and found a roaring lion at you front

You went to swim the day the sharks declared riot

You get your book published on paper and the world declared the eradication of paper and a new era of technology

Your boss slept with your girl friend a day you were about to propose to her.

You kept thinking about an idea and the world thinks its foolishness

You found a mosquito in your food,after finishing up half of the plate

You go to the movies and used up the money on you

You polluted the air when the girl you’ve been toasting for months,knock at the door

Your father died the day you knew him

Your worst enemy becomes your brothers best friend

You spend your time worthy out life,then you died

The person you Love died the day you expressed it

You keep updating your facebook status and nobody ever commented

You kept stuttering when you were asked to defend your proposal

You left a legacy and everyone thought it to be nonsensethe-bad-stuff


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